In our self defense courses you will receive a balanced mix of SV-technical training and physical fitness.

We pay great attention to a reality-based training. In the effective self-defense you’ll learn to be able to recognize potential risk situations and realize potential attackers early and react immediatly. It is primarily de-escalation and avoidance of risks. We will make you physically and mentally strong for dealing with conflict situations.

You learn from coaches with years of experience in martial arts and self defense, how to cope in close combat with a superior attacker. In the state we show you boxing and kickboxing techniques, as well as throws and joint defense. If it can not be avoided and a ground combat situation arises, it is equally important to be able to defend yourself there. We will show you effective techniques for ground combat as you avoid dangers there.

We work with our SV​​-courses closely with the police, and invite to the end of this lessons responsible officers fora close conversation if possible.

There is a women’s self defense course (women SV) using Muay Thai techniques. Muay Thai Master Amnat Pooksrisuk occasionally offers self-defense courses in the KS-GYM.

We offer self-defense courses for small groups (maximum of four to eight participants) in each age group.

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