Philipp is an assistant coach in the boxing department!


Philipp before Final-fight on the bavarian championship!


Philipp winning the semifinals on the bavarian championship!

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your work as coach

What I personally like about martial arts is that you get better power, reflexes, endurance, and strength. You can get to success faster by showing initiative in training and competition than by wild and reckless actions. The personality and characteristics of the athletes can be seen in the fighting style and it is amazing that there are different philosophies and methods that can all lead to success. The ideal fighting-style one uses can be totally unsuitable for the next one, so competition is always exciting.

But every athlete needs a good foundation…

…which is why im totally satisfied with the guided workouts in the KS-GYM and could also have a couple of amateur boxing contest. The help by trainers and teammates during training and competitions was consistently excellent and I can only recommend to give martial arts a try. 2012, I even trained with the MMA fighters and learned a lot from “MMA” Sasha, a genius in grappling and MMA. The Muay-Thai – Training with Stephan, Nam and Viktor is also highly recommended, because it’s a complete martial art for the “stand-up”.

All in all, community , training methods and the balanced mix of fitness and technique training is ideal for anyone interested in martial arts. Especially for those who want to become good at mixed martial arts (MMA), KS-GYM Munich ist the ideal training facility.

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