Welcome to our premises

Approximately 150 square training area with a 4-rope boxing ring and various gym machines (sandbags , impact pears, Speedball, etc.).

Thus you can either barefoot or work with sneakers . In these main training rooms you can work on the punching bag and perform every martial arts training. Soft floor mats are ideal for training Judo and BJJ. In the first Floor are the women changing rooms and showers.

In the 4th Stock is the weight room.

This includes weight bench, kettlebells, pull-up bar, a treadmill and some weights. Perfect to operate weight training as in any other gym. Full body workout for endurance and strength is the basis of every professional martial artist.

Also in the fourth Floor are men changing rooms and a terrace where we can have a barbecue in the summer in a relaxed atmosphere.

The owner Stephan Feldmeier is also in the 4th Stock to be found, if he’s not training the students.

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