KS-GYM / about us

In KS -Gym you have great training facilities with sufficient training time and you will meet a lot of sympathetic people!

The KS-Gym Munich is since 2007 in the Zenettistr 48, 80337 Munich , operated and managed by Stephan Feldmeier . Since then, there is boxing and thai boxing trained. In 2010 came yet mixed martial arts and grappling. Since the end of 2012, supplementing the ground fighting and takedown training bjj , judo and ju -jutsu is taught in combination.

Our Philosophy !

  • Individual support
  • Manageable training groups
  • Team spirit is very important
  • Willingness to communicate and mutual respect
  • Social behavior


In KS-GYM, athletes from 50 different nations train at a daily basis, which works very well thanks to the observance of certain basic rules. We naturally respect the origin of each individual and the religion of our members.
With us, everyone talks to each other and excluded group formations will not be tolerated!

Since we all live together in Munich and exercise, and want to learn from each other, we speak German in the gym. People who are still a little uncertain about using the German language of course may also use English. In special cases Spanish is also allowed.


We in the KS-Gym, thanks to owner and founderStephan Feldmeier, can experience a good time here training together in the martial arts. It is thus made ​​social and youth work, which is of course only made possible by you, as paying members.

Integration can mean many things. It can be either to people who are looking for a grip on life and this place in a sports club . Or living in Germany, people with a migration background are looking for cultural exchange and want to have the feeling of being quite arrived . To be accepted in society and to live a balanced life, membership in an international sports community as our Gym may help a lot.

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