Amnat Pooksrisuk

Amnat Pooksrisuk studied traditional muay-thai / thaiboxing since he is eight years old at the most recognized masters (Ajarn) of Thailand.

Amnat Pooksrisuk - instructor of military in thailand
School of Muay-Thai:

  • Muay Lopburi at Ajarn Sangvien Bua Thong.
  • Muay Taweesit at Ajarn Kovit Yongsiri.
  • Muay Yontarakit at Ajarn Narin.
  • Muay Chaiya at Ajarn Khet Sriyapai.
  • Muay Korat at Ajarn Bua Wat-Im.

Weapons Arts (Krabi Krabong) in various Thai schools (Srithairat, Buddhaisawan, Lanna and Arreeyamet).

In addition, Amanat is a recognized expert in the field of traditional Thai strategy and tactics, and as the authority of the Phichai Songkhram (handed-war manual, similar to the “Art of War” by Sun Tsu in China).

After completing the Military Academy Amnat graduated from the General Staff courses in Germany and the USA and is now the main teaching officer for strategy and tactics at the Chulachomklao Military Academy in Bangkok as well as leading educator of close combat in the Thai army.

He teaches Muay-thai Navarach (named after a name of the reigning King of Thailand), a highly effective synthesis of the old styles that particular based on Muay Korat and Muay Chaiya which is also established in the Thai Special Forces and the Thai army as a combat system.

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