Muay-Thai Navarach

Is the traditional close combat system of thailand!

Muay Thai Navarach summarizes the best techniques from Muay Chaiya, Muay Lopuri, Muay Korat, Muay Taweesit, Muay Yontarakit, … to an effective close combat system for the training of Thai military together. The “Muay thai Navarach”- style is characterized by very individual training methods and aims primarily on close combat. Effective actions will make the enemy as quickly as possible incapacitate without taking too many risks.

In this martial art, which has long been a proven applicable in real combat situations in use, it is not primarily about aesthetics, but about effectiveness in close combat.

We teach Muay-thai Navarach by Grand Master Amnat Pooksrisuk who early trained and prepared Tony Jaa for the shooting of Ong Bak.

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Amnat Pooksrisuk: https://www.amnatpooksrisuk.com/

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