Competition Muay-Thai

Muay-Thai Competitors from the KS-Gym on a south-german Championship

In competition Muay-Thai, techniques, learned in the basic Muay-Thai are applied quickly and physically demanding. There are partner exercises, teaching how to use distance and precision to develop. If an athlete attacks controls during training the other partner learns to block these attacks automatically.

Towards the end of the training there is a very heavy conditional unit on the punching bag or on the Thai pads. It is about to be ideally prepared for competitions in sports and as a possible repetition of basic techniques. In amateur competition, such as on the Bavarian Championship, there are three rounds of three minutes each fight time. Therefore, a certain level of endurance is necessary to take part on advanced competition Muay-Thai.

It is advisable to discuss in consultation with the senior coaches, from when to go to competition Muay-Thai.

Friends, friendly clubs and associations:
Amnat Pooksrisuk:www.amnatpooksisuk.com
Ralf Hasenohr/ Thaiboxclub Singen: https://www.thaiboxclubsingen.de/
Günther Scheller: https://www.thaiboxen-muenchen.de/

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