Junior – Muay-Thai

Twice a week, the juniors are able to train Muay-Thai in the martial-arts-Gym Munich

Our Trainer Stephan, who also teaches boxing and basic Muay-Thai is very experienced and teachs the youths depending on personal experience and fitness.

Muay Thai is taught traditionally and seriously with us. It requires discipline, perseverance and more than a few hours of training to master this martial art.
The young people are cared for and get ideal educational learning community, fairness and learn about their power limits.

We also train our juniors to win technically good and powerful young athletes for our competition team. However, it is not necessary to take part in competitions and fun to the workouts is paramount. Only after sufficient experience and if the trainers have the opinion that the athletes are enough prepared, it is possible to take part in Muay-Thai fighting.

In Case you should have any questions about the Junior Muay-Thai, simply contact the owner and head-coach Stephan Feldmeier.

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