Basic Muay-Thai

In Basic Muay-Thai, techniques of Muay Thai and Muay Boran Navarach are consolidated

The simplest and most basic movements will be taught clear and comprehensible for beginners.
In each unit, several techniques are explained and deepened in partner exercises. The School of Amnat Pooksrisuk is reflected throughout the training and it is taken care of the traditions and principles of Muay Thai.

There are, as in judo or karate, graduations, which can be obtained by participation in a course by Amnat Pooksrisuk with an official exam.

The training consists mainly of technical training, which also contains elements fo competition training like Thai pads training, or the punching bag training. However, Muay Thai is no physical training but also serves as the basis of this demanding martial arts – First Linier the basics is.

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