Women – Muay-Thai

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We teach effective Self Defense based on the techniques of traditional Muay-Thai.

In women Muay Thai techniques from both the traditional Muay Thai and Muay Boran Navarach be taught, as also practiced sports and competition-orientated Thai boxing.

In KS-Gym Women’s Muay Thai is geared towards effective self-defense and personal fitness.

You learn to defend yourself against attacks and to use the most important techniques in close combat without weapons.

Partially every year we have mixed Muay-Thai Navarach courses (m/w), led by Amnat Pookrsisuk .

Friends, friendly Clubs and associations:
Amnat Pooksrisuk:www.amnatpooksrisuk.com/
Ralf Hasenohr/ Thaiboxclub Singen: https://www.thaiboxclubsingen.de/
Günther Scheller: https://www.thaiboxen-muenchen.de/

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