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Muay Thai/ Thaiboxing is highly effective self-defense

As one of the oldest full-contact martial arts this martial art could exist until our time because it includes easy-to-use and easy-to-learn techniques.

Thai-boxing considered a national sport of Thailand and finds use in close combat training of the military.
The classic, traditional form is the Muay Thai Boran.
You can you easily and successfully put these techniques to defend yourself against physically superior opponents. The Muay Thai includes attack, defense and counter techniques against armed and unarmed attackers nicely. Fist-, elbow-, knee-, kick- and grip techniques are used to attack and defend. You can see it als a Martial Art, self-defense or fitness training. If you are interested to participate in competitions, you can operate this discipline as a competitive sport and thus achieve a very high fitness level.

The Thai-boxers warm up during shadow boxing and workout with sandbag training and partner exercises

We teach Muay-thai Navarach by Grand Master Amnat Pooksrisuk who earlier prepared and trained Tony Jaa for the filming of “Ong Bak”.

As an athlete, you have the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions in the amateur field.

In Muay Thai, punch training with pads is very important for distance feeling and precision

Friendly clubs and associations:
Ralf Hasenohr/ Thaiboxclub Singen: https://www.thaiboxclubsingen.de/
Günther Scheller: https://www.thaiboxen-muenchen.de/

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