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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a growing Sport in Germany

MMA is a separate and in Germany relatively new type of full-contact martial arts. The origin of this sport is the pankration (Pankration, complete combat) from ancient Greece at the time of the first Olympic Games.

MMA became popular with the first comparing fights of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) in the early 90s. Techniques from different martial arts could be combined and used there.

Fotos from an MMA-Semiar byPeter Angerer in the martial-arts gym munich (KS-GYM)

In Germany, this martial art enjoys growing interest and is hotly debated in the media. Anyone interested in a complex and challenging sport is just right in MMA

The fighters use both punching and kicking techniques from boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai in the “stand-up”.
Ground fighting techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling and Judo, as well as techniques from the Russian Sambo are also allowed.

That may be beaten in ground combat (ground and pound), and kicked in part, is the biggest difference to other full contact sports. However, in Germany there are associations (eg Shooto) with proper rules. A distinction is made between amateur and professional fighters to give the competitors a safe entry into this sport.

To actively participate in the MMA, it is an advantage to have advanced knowledge in a combat sport like BJJ​​, Grappling, Judo or Muay thai.

Photos of MMA competitions, where the KS-Gym participates on a regular basis.

Training battles are only allowed by using protective equipment.

Our club is a member of the originally association from Japan, Shooto-Germany!

Friends, friendly clubs and associations:
German Top Team: https://www.german-top-team.com/

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