In our regular MMA training we teach to a large extent the associated discipline Grappling

You will learn to take control of the opponent and decide the fight in any position.

This martial art is the result from the traditional sports wrestling, judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Luta Livre, Nihon Ju-jutsu, Glima, wrestling, Shuaijiao, Qin Na, Daitō-ryū Aiki-Ju-Jitsu, and Aikido.

In the No-Gi (without judo suit) trainingit is about to bring the enemy by throws, lever or ring techniques to the ground, and to get into a safe position. It is only trained in shorts and a tight T-shirt. With levers and grips the opponent can, in the state or at the bottom, be brought to give in. It is quite close to the Submission Wrestling which is especially popular in America.

Our experienced trainer Sascha conducts the training. He is known as one of the best grapplers in Germany and qualified in Judo and BJJ.

Grappling has now been proven in MMA as one of the most effective combat techniques. Even against boxers and Thai boxers you can, with the appropriate level of training and sufficient experience, defend very well. A good grappler is often superior to other martial artists in MMA.

Much of the content of the Grappling techniques can be found about back even in self-defense.

Our currently most successful MMA fighter Sascha Massafra used this martial art for a successful start in his Mixed-Martial-Arts career. He is now in the professional category among the top ten in Germany.

Friends, friendly clubs and associations:
Grappling Games in Ansbach: https://grapplinggames.de/German/
Shooto Germany: https://www.kakutogi.net/

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