Our club is particularly proud of the young troop in junior-boxing and we hope to continue winning the youth for our sport!

Whith the requirements and possibilities of our day and age it is important to focus on the essentials. These include school, jobs, hobbies, family, friends and even sporty training.

In our junior boxing teaches children and youth learn self-control, self-discipline, fairness and tolerance of frustration. While boxing our young athletes feel how it is to go to the absolute limit.

Many children and young people have difficulty concentrating or are not able to survive everyday life in our society due to high impulsiveness. Young people often do not know what to do with their energy. Since it is important to be able to experience a strenuous workout at a holistic sport.

The training is fun and calls for physical and mental development.

Proven sports, martial arts particularly, are an effective method for a good life balance. There are now numerous studies that show that there is a direct relationship between jointly training, and good performance in school and work. Only a relaxed mind is able to take new…

We in the KS-Gym have always had good experiences in our Junior Training. There was very positive developments in the sporting, personal, professional and academic area. Therefore our coaches continue to devote themself fully committed to this task.

Our Juniors are from different nationalities and there are both female and male boxers in the group.

Talent scouting and youth development is operated earnestly with us. Recently, a particularly talented young athlete could participate for free in a boxing course at BABV.

2011 Florain Kellinger became over-bavarian champion in amateruboxing. In march 2014, Laura became south-bavarian champion in womens amateur-boxing. We are very proud of their hard work.

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