Women want to box!

More and more women have discovered the boxing sport for themselves and mix vigorously in the former men’s domain. The KS-Gym currently has about 50 female members, which are all very happy with the training and highly motivated. The atmosphere at women’s boxing is excellentand suitable for beginners as well as for the more experienced. Women are taken seriously here as sportsmen and get a first-class technical education.

Within a short time, the fitness increases. you’ll Improve endurance, reflexes and stamina.

Boxing trains the whole body, is ideal as an effective self-defense, extends your athletic skills and strengthens your self-confidence. In contrast to highly complex self-defense techniques (for example kravmaga), which would work only after years of perfection in dangerous situations, you quickly learn the necessary basic techniques in boxing.

In the gym there is the opportunity to train as normal, or to join in consultation with coach Kathrin and owner Stephan Feldmeier, the competition team. There are plenty of women and girls who have interest in sparring. There you can test your progress in competetive conditions. Women’s Boxing is as good as the men’s boxing training and you can look forward to a professionally supervised training!

On the 16.03.2014 Laura became south-bavarian champion.

She showed excellent technique and fighting-spirit! The youth-support and the motivation of this young athlete made this success possible!

If you are interested, you are welcome to watch at any time during training and you have a proper look.

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