If you have no desire to spend your time alone in the gym or jogging is too boring for you, you can train fitness-boxing in communal atmosphere in the KS-Gym.

The majority of our Boxing-group trains to become fit or simply for the joy of sport.

Fitness-Boxing is great for holistic training, since both footwork and upper body is trained. In fitness-boxing you learn more than just punching the bag.
Through a combination of partner exercises, technique training and different condition units Variety is in our program

We do not train in huge groups, so advice can be addressed individually to every athlete with the appropriate Engargement.

If there is interest, the trainers will help any newcomer to compile an individual training plan. To give you better endurance, new boxing techniques, or just have fun with the workout. Especially beginning one should take the advice by the coaches to move forward quickly.

Following the motto “Train hard, fight easy” boxing training is specially designed for fitness and conditioning. Here, the participants push each other, so that everyone holds out. But don’t worry! Everyone starts small and

If you are interested in competitions, you are welcome to inform among amateur-boxing.

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