Olympic Boxing in the KS-Gym Munich /
Boxing as in the olympic games!

In amateur boxing your strength, courage, reflexes and your fitness can put to the test.

In our gym there is the opportunity to participate in official and fair athletic competitions. During training, step by step you are taken to reach your peak performance and you will perfectly be supervised by our coaches and teachers.

Boxing-Sparring in the KS-Gym Munich

Once a week you can participate in the boxing sparring. You will improve reflexes, your resilience under stressful situations, and movement patterns. Professional training athletes try to match in top form and stay injury free. Heavy, well-padded boxing gloves, head and teeth protection, and a protective vest are thus in our duty.

Our competition team travels regularly to tournaments or championships. The participants always give very good feedback regarding supervision by coaches and great support by their team-mates.

Friends, friendly clubs and associations:
Bayerischer Amateurboxverband
Boxwerk München (faust2kampf München)

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