Boxer in competition hits with body hook

Boxing is one of the oldest sports ever

The KS-gym regularly takes part in Amatuer boxing events.

Boxing requires fast and powerful, elastic movements. Therefore, is trained by boxing training both endurance, reflexes, and strength and flexibility.

Boxes improves concentration and provides you the opportunity to punch yourself out at the box-bag. The sport of boxing provides a great balance to the workday. Whatever your age, we do for all the right training.

The members of boxing clubs Munich (BSC) training of health reasons, but also to take part in competitions within the bavarian Amateur Boxing Association. The amateur rules are governed by the AIBA and apply for Olympic championship boxing matches.

Since 2014, the owner and head-coach Stephan Feldmeier is working within the BABV and helps with the instrution of the boxing-trainers.

In recent years, the growing boxing department was increasing. And we gained competition successes for our Martial Arts Gym (KS-GYM) as well. Our women’s boxing – department is also very successful. Kathrin in 2009, Jasmin became 2012 Oberbayerische Meisterin in their weight class.

Friends, friendly associations and clubs
Bavarian amateur boxing association: https://www.boxen-babv.de
Team munich boxing: https://www.teammuenchen.de/sportarten/boxen.htm
Alfred Segerer: https://www.facebook.com/alfred.segerer.5

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